Wooden Bows

Wooden bows have been one of the first hunting aids used by man and many people eschew modern ones made out of high tech materials in favor of the traditional wooden bows.

Today if there is demand, supply will quickly follow suit and so if you are searching for such a piece, you will have plenty to choose from.

Wooden Archery Bow

When buying a wooden bow it’s highly important that you choose a craftsman that is both passionate and knows what he’s doing as probably you want a real deal and not a mere toy.

PSE Razorback Recurve Bow Right Hand

PSE Razorback Recurve Bow Right Hand
The PSE Razorback Recurve sports the classic recurve style that PSE has always been known for. If you’re into old school bow hunting, the PSE Razorback Recurve will give you that sense of nostalgia without shaking off power and speed. From tournaments to big game, PSE is the one for you.
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When buying wooden bows and arrows it’s also very important to note what woods they are made from. I personally think that there is only one type of wood that can satisfy a discerning archer, that wood being the yew of course. For this purpose you can’t just take any old yew and make a it out of it, since only the trees growing in colder climates and higher altitudes will possess the proper physical characteristics to make for a truly exceptional masterpieces. This is due to the fact that in such climates the grow rings on the wood are packed more tightly together, thus making it harder and more durable. So only a product made from yew grown in such conditions will truly excel at wooden bows archery.

A bow made from high quality yew wood can even hold its own against recurve bows made from modern materials.

Wooden Bows for Sale

Bear Archery Bullseye Bow

Bear Archery Bullseye Wooden Bow
The Bear Archery Bullseye comes with an arrow rest and features a takedown design. This model is perfect for teens aged 10 years old and up, and is for right-handed people only. The Bear Archery Bullseye comes with a quality wood riser with multi-laminate limbs for durability and power.
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Our website will provide you with links to what in our opinion are the best deals for wooden bows and arrows for sale. It is important to keep in mind that overly cheap wooden bows will usually disappoint when brought to the archery range, since the making of traditional bows requires both dedication and time and both of those usually cost money. That is not to say however that you can’t find decent wooden bows for sale cheap and so we will provide you with links to some of those, but generally speaking the more the cost the higher the quality.

When buying a wooden bow you should still pay attention to its basic stats such as draw length and draw weight and with wooden bows the height is actually quite important. First of all you should determine the proper draw length as befits your stature, you can achieve this by simply measuring your outstretched arms and dividing the result by 2.5 and this will give you the draw length you should look for in a bow. In my opinion you should definitely avoid any wooden bows with draw weight lower than 20 lbs. as these types are usually too weak to give you the full satisfaction of traditional archery.

Even if you are an experienced archer, you may want to once try to shoot with a traditional bow instead of the modern one, I for one, have found it to be beautiful thing that any archer should experience at least once in a lifetime.