What Is Better Longbow Or Compound Bow?

Longbow and compound bow have their own features and functions. And when we talk about which of the two bows are better than the other, we have to consider first its individual functions and features.

The longbow, which is a principal weapon in the mid-16th century is simple. It is made of a slightly bent or curved piece of wood which has the same length as the height of the archer. The longbow has no arrow rests or sights.  The longbow is difficult to manage, handle or operate, hence, it is difficult to shoot.  The arrows released has a lesser speed compared to a compound or recurve bows. The user of the longbow is required to practice religiously the craft as “practice makes perfect”. The archer who uses a longbow should have longer patience to really master the art of shooting by using a longbow. On the other hand, a compound bow, which uses cables, pulleys and cams can help the archer to hold a heavy draw weight at full draw, allowing the archer to exert less effort to carry on the whole procedure. The compound bow throws an arrow faster than the longbow by using cables and cams.

As we compare the different features of the compound bow and the longbow we can say that the compound bow is far  better than the longbow when we consider the accuracy and easy handling or use of the said bowing.

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