Stealth Force Bow

Our new Stealth Force is a great shooting, technically advanced hunting bow. We have designed this new bow with a higher brace height than many of the bows in our line. A shooter wanting a performance bow that will shoot very well under all shooting circumstances would feel comfortable with the Stealth Force as his hunting partner.

The Stealth Force utilizes our new Fast Trac Series riser, designed for balance and superior control under all shooting conditions. The riser is designed with a one piece wood grip that will spoil you with comfort and torque-free shooting. The new straight, carbon cable guard and Teflon slide will add to your shooting pleasure with a very smooth draw and whisper-quiet operation.

The Fast Trac Perimeter Weighted One-Cam with Alpine’s patented, Four Point Bearing Control System will give you the most stable and reliable One-Cam on the market. We offer this cam system in 80% let-off and optional 65% let-off.

The Stealth Force is available in the time-honored Advantage or new Hardwoods. This is the best camo on the market and the finish is film dipped for the best possible reproduction.


* Mass weight: 3.5 pounds
* Axle to Axle: 39 inches, brace height 7.25″
* Draw weights: 50, 60, 70 pounds.
* Draw lengths: Fast Trac Perimeter Weighted One-Cam
28″- 32″ in one inch increments.
* Limbs: Silicone bedded, Bi-Flex composite limb, finished in Hardwoods or Advantage Camo (Advantage Camo available through March 2000)
* Cable Guard: Straight bracket mounted carbon, reversible for in or outsidecable slide. (Supplied with inside Teflon impregnated slide).
* Sight window: 5.5″ single plane window, allows mounting all sights including Sight Master.
* Pocket: Machined, Inverse Twin Limb Mounting System.
* Riser Colors: Advantage Camo or Hardwoods, in photo film dip finish.
* Grip: Two piece wood panel grip
* Let-off: Fast Trac Perimeter Weighted One-Cam, 80%, optional 65%

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