Silvertip Trade Head

Part of the overall satisfaction of traditional bowhunting is crafting all or part of our own equipment. Like tying your own trout flies and fishing them successfully, crafting your own archery equipment, or a portion of it, adds immeasurably to the whole experience. Making your own arrows is one part of traditional bowhunting that offers genuine savings and long term satisfaction. The SILVERTIP TRADE HEAD is a tie on style broadhead that is one way to personalize your hunting arrows, save a lot of money and enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting game with an arrow unique to you. The SILVERTIP TRADE HEAD is a precision tooled, vented broadhead that flies straight and when mounted and sharpened properly, is deadly on big game. The head is heat treated to hold an edge, coated with a rust inhibiting paint and is ready to sharpen and mount on your wood shaft. With most broadheads at or above the $50.00/dozen mark, you might want to invest a little time working with these fine quality heads and enjoy a truly unique and satisfying experience. Once you have mounted and field tested a few arrows, you will wonder why you haven’t done this before. Each pack comes with detailed mounting instructions. Supplies are limited.

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