Silverado Lite Bow

This bow has really been a popular seller for Alpine.  We are in our 6th year of production and the sales just keep growing.  It is a true lightweight winner, tipping the sales at only 3.2 pounds!  The people who buy this bow call and write us constantly, telling us how much they love shooting the Silverado Lite.  We offer the Silverado Lite in both cam configurations, with the new Perimeter Weighted One-Cam setup being the most popular.  There is one more important point to make about the Silverado Lite, it’s very affordable.

The Silverado Lite is also available in a 3D model on a custom basis.  Most custom 3D bows are built in ten working days.  See your dealer for hardware and riser color availability.


* Mass weight: 3.2 pounds
* Axle to Axle: 36 inches: brace height 7.25″
* Draw weights: 50, 60, 70 pounds.
* Draw lengths: T-2 Cam high performance hatchet cam.
28″, 29″, 30″, 31″, 32″
Perimeter Weighted One-Cam
28″, 29″, 30″ 31″, 32″
* Limbs: Black Silicone bedded, Bi-Flex composite limb, finished in Advantage Camo, in photo film dip finish.
* Pocket: Machined, Inverse Twin Limb Mounting System.
* Riser Colors: Advantage Camo, in photo film dip finish.
* Grip: Walnut
* Let-off: One-Cam, 80%, optional 65%.
T-2 Cam, 65%

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