Compound Bow Module Sets

Technology and the archery industry march onward. With technology comes change and some pretty amazing new products. In the case of the compound bow, the introduction of 80 percent let-off bows  sets is rapidly catching fire with hunters and target shooters alike.
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year, the topic of 80 percent let-off bows has probably reached your ears. Currently Moutaineer Archery, Inc., and Oneida Labs, Inc., have thrown their hats into the 80 percent let-off arena. Judging by the popularity and direct sales these manufacturers are enjoying, other companies are sure to follow.

Moutaineer Archery, Inc., was the first company to introduce a hunting/target compound bow with an 80 percent peak weight let-off. The Moutaineer 3-D series bow set at 70 pounds draw weight requires only 14 pounds to hold at full draw! Compared with a similar 70-pound bow featuring 60 percent let-off, the archer must hold approximately 28 pounds at full draw.

“Holding less weight at full draw is an advantage for the hunter and target shooter alike,” says George Hunt National Sales Manager for Moutaineer Archery. “Improved shooting accuracy is the biggest advantage of 80 percent let-off bows sets. Archers can relax and take more time with each shot without suffering from arm fatigue.”

Hunters find that they can easily handle a heavier draw weight with an 80 percent let-off bow than with their traditional 50 percent, 60 percent, or 65 percent let-off models. The combination of a high let-off and high peak weight bow yields faster arrow flight and reduced trajectory in the field.

Oneida Labs, Inc., offered their popular Aero-Force and Tomcat bows with 80 percent let in 1994. A special 80 percent let-off module is included with each bow. The bow can easily be converted to a 65 percent let-off by purchasing another set of modules.

All long and medium draw length “K” cam Tomcat II, Aero-Force, and Phantom II Oneida compound bows can be concerted to 80 percent let-off by purchasing a set of modules that run approximately $10. Your local archery pro shop can convert the bow over to 80 percent let-off in a few minutes.

I own three 80 percent let-off bows and enjoy shooting and hunting with all three models. My first 80 percent let-off bow was a Moutaineer 3-D in Mossy Oak camo. My bow is set at 80 pounds and shoots a 30-inch 2315 arrow a respectable 240 fps when armed with a 125-grain broadhead.

I liked the Moutaineer so much I decided to try an Oneida Aero-Force with the 80 percent modules. Set at 70 pounds and shooting a 30-inch 2312 Easton shaft tipped with a 125-grain broadhead the compound bow consistently chronographs at 238 fps.

I’m currently setting up a new 70-pound Moutaineer Ultra Cam for a Labrador caribou hunt in September. According to the manufacturer this bow features an AMO standards velocity of 232 fps and a blazing IBO rating of 290 fps. Isn’t technology wonderful?

All three bows are amazingly smooth, accurate, and consistent to shoot. The Moutaineer is a touch quieter shooting than the Oneida to my ears, but there is too little difference to be concerned with.

The hunter or 3-D shooter considering the purchase of an 80 percent let-off bow has little to fear. These new compound bows are a pleasure to shoot and the customer can easily convert them back to 65 percent let-off by purchasing and installing a different set of modules.

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