REDI-EDGE Broadhead Sharpener

The Redi-Edge could possibly be the best and easiest to use broadhead sharpener available. TruAngle files, Lanski’s, Spiderco’s, ceramic sticks….you name it. They all work, but not like the Redi-Edge. The tool steel cutters of the Redi-Edge are the hardest tunsten carbide available. They literally “plane” steel off the broadhead until a 16-degree edge angle is formed. A few strokes with a steel or leather strop and it’s “scary”, hair shavin’ sharp. Want serrated instead of razor? Just put more pressure on the broadhead when sharpening. The redi-Edge is about the size of a ballpoint pen so it is a lot easier to pack around than a mill file. It sharpens single and multiple blade heads and also does a professional job on those hard to sharpen kitchen knives.

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