PSE Monarch U1

Monarch U1:

NEW FOR 2001!
Available colours:
PSE Brush
Black Cherry
Ice Blue.
Mass weight: 4lbs 5oz
Brace height: 6 3/4″
Axle to Axle: 39″
IBO Speed: 310fps
Draw Lengths: 27 to 31″
Peak Weights: 60 or 70lbs
Ultimate One Cam

“I’ve been shooting a new PSE Monarch for some weeks now, and I am impressed. This bow is packed with stability. Real stability. It was evident from the very first arrow I shot out of the bow. It’s apparent in the way the Monarch draws, holds rock steady at full draw (which is a big part of real stability), and in the way the bow reacts at, and after, the shot. The PSE Monarch is a great shooting example of a next-generation bow. It may be a bit wild for some tastes, but most things highly advanced are. The engineers at PSE went for the utmost in shooting stability, and it seems to me that they got it.”

Bill Krenz
Editor, Inside Archery

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