PSE Mach 10 LW Bow

Available colours:
PSE Brush
Black Cherry
Ice Blue.
Mass weight: 4lbs 8oz
Brace height: 6 1/4″
Axle to Axle: 39″
Weighted Lightning Cam (LW)
Precision-Machined Aluminum Riser
Integrated Micro-Adjust Arrowrest
Hardwood TRM Grip
Limb Isolation System

New for 2000. The legendary Mach series recalls the success of archers living the adventure that naturally comes from owning a PSE Mach series bow. Top shelf performance and legendary dependability are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Every inch of the new Mach-10 was personally designed and attended to by Pete Shepley. Pete takes no shortcuts when designing a bow and the Mach-10 LW is no exception.

This lean, reflex profile on the Mach-10 takes advantage of the latest breakthroughs in design technology, including the new TRM (Torque Reducing Mini) Grip. There is no doubt you need to experience the thrill of the Mach-10.

The Weighted Lightning Cam offers the most adjustability and the highest performance over any single cam on the market. Adjusts over a 5″ range with interchangeable modules. Weighted cam reduces hand shock. Fine draw length adjustments can be made with built-in string posts. Micro-adjust draw stop provides a rock-solid wall. Hunter models are Teflon coated for less string wear and decreased friction. Adjustable let-off design allows the archer to choose between 80% and 65%.

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