PSE Carrera LW

  • Available colours:
    • PSE Brush
    • Black Cherry
    • Ice Blue.
  • Mass weight: 3lbs 11oz
  • Brace height: 6″
  • Axle to Axle: 37″
  • Weighted Lightning Cam (LW)
  • Precision-Machined Aluminum Riser
  • Compression-Moulded Magnaglass Limbs
  • Integrated Cable Guard
  • Patented Limb Isolation System
  • Hardwood Grip

New for 2000, the Carrera LW features the improved Lightning Cam with Perimeter Weighted technology. Some shooters have experienced reduced hand shock and smoother shooting with a perimeter weighted cam. The Carrera LW provides a solid package giving you speed and forgiveness.

Interchangeable modules and a moveable draw stop give you unlimited draw lengths from 26” to 30” and a choice of 80% or 65% let-off. In short, the PSE Lightning Weighted Cam offers the most advantages, the greatest adjustability, and is one of the highest performing single cams on the market. No other bow in the world provides you with more features and performance than PSE’s Carrera series. Pick one up today and shoot it – you won’t ever put it down.

The Lightning Weighted Cam offers the most adjustability and the highest performance over any single cam on the market. Adjusts over a 5″ range with interchangeable modules. Weighted cam reduces hand shock. Fine draw length adjustments can be made with built-in string posts. Micro-adjust draw stop provides a rock-solid wall. Hunter models are Teflon coated for less string wear and decreased friction. Adjustable let-off design allows the archer to choose between 80% and 65%.

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