OUTBACK Giardia/crypto Filter

One of the simplest Giardia/crypto filter systems ever made!
Boiling, chemical treating and filtering unsafe water through a hand pump is a pain. Especially pumping water through a filter! But getting “beaver fever” is no fun. With the Outback, simply dip water out of a lake or stream with the bottle and squeeze. The patented filter in the bottle mouth quickly and consistently removes 99.9999% Giardia Lamblia, Cryptosporidium and E-Coli, DDT, PCP’s, mercury, chlorine, lead and aluminum. The Outback works by trapping protozoan parasites and contaminates in a polymer matrix impregnated with activated carbon dust and proprietary compounds. The result is a unique filter that slips neatly into the neck of the Nalgene bottle and is ideal for use by the backcountry hunter. Hundreds of refills per filter are possible, depending on water clarity. And the filter is replaceable.

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