Medieval Longbow

Longbows have played major parts in history both as weapons of war and as hunting tools and so many people are looking for authentic replicas of these ancient weapons.

Nowadays it’s pretty difficult to find craftsmen, who can still make a medieval longbow in the traditional way and so to spare you the lengthy research we will help you find the best and most affordable medieval longbow for sale online.

Medieval Longbow

Bear Montana Long Bow RH
In the mid-price range there is one model that truly deserves to mentioned, it’s called Montana Long Bow and is manufactured by Bear Archery. It has a surprisingly smooth draw and is highly accurate; it’s lighter than any recurve, so this definitely the one to go for if you want to do some traditional style archery.
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While it’s still possible to find a craftsman that will produce a traditional medieval longbow the old-fashioned way, such items usually cost a fortune and almost without exception have to be ordered months in advance.

There’re better options though, some manufacturers will use modern tools, but the end result will almost the same, it will be much cheaper, will available right away and still perform just as good on the archery range. Of course there are still some of inferior quality out there and that’s why we have made a list of some of the best deals available online.

No medieval longbow collection can be complete without the English longbow. This one is made by Rudderbows Archery and they have taken great care to produce a model that is historically accurate and yet sold at an affordable price. This one is very durable and comes in draw weights from 25 to 50 lbs. and is almost 74 inches long. Once you shoot this you’ll understand why it has made such impact on medieval warfare.

This Hungarian Handmade Flagella Horsebow is another fine example of a well priced medieval longbow that doesn’t disappoint on the archery range. It’s finely crafted from traditional materials and is available in draw weights from 30 to 80 lbs. It’s pretty rare to find such quality medieval longbow for sale at this price.

There is another great traditional bow available and goes by the name Snakeskin Traditional Horsebow. This actually a very powerful bow as those of you who won’t just buy it for display will soon find out and it draws quite smoothly. It’s available in draw weights from 30 to 80 lbs.

medieval longbow for sale

Cobra Snakeskin Traditional Archery Hunting Horsebow Handmade
Another fine model in this price range is called Snakeskin Traditional Horsebow and is available in draw weights from 30 to 80 lbs. It is handmade and it it worth it's money. We highly recommend it.
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medieval longbow and arrow

Combination Set Traditional Mongolia Archery Brown Pigskin Longbow
The Mongolians have once conquered almost half of the known world and that was mainly because of two things; horses and exceptional weapons. When you shoot this finely crafted traditional Mongolian bow you’ll quickly grow to love its smooth draw and its raw power; you’d be hard pressed to find a better traditional bow at this price. This one comes available in draw weights from 20 to 80 lbs.
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All of the above have been tested to assure that they are not just ornaments, but can actually be used for target shooting as well. I’d not recommend that you use these bows for hunting despite the fact that the higher draw weight version are powerful enough to do this, unless you’re one hell of an archer.

All of the above come with arrows included so you can quickly experience the joy of shooting with a medieval bow and arrow.