Matthews SQ-2

With an incredibly short 31″ axle to axle length and a large brace height, the all new SQ-2 is just as consistent as bigger bows. Like the Q-2 and Q-2XL, this bow features the new Harmonic Damping System which cuts out vibration.

Real Tree (Camo) only
Right and Left Handed Models
Cams: StraightLine MaxCam only
Draw Lengths: 23″ to 30″
Peak Weights: 50, 60 or 70lbs
Let Off: 70%
ATA: 31″
Mass Weight: 3 3/4lbs approx depending upon dampers used.
NOTE: This product is not kept in stock but is normally obtainable within 7 to 10 days from date of order.
Mathews SQ-2
Mathews Harmonic Damping System

Mix or match Harmonic Dampers:

Two heavier brass dampers for maximum damping
Two lighter aluminum dampers for damping with minimal weight gain
Or mix dampers for a custom feel
Aluminium Black anodized aluminum dampers.
Brass Brass dampers.
Both types are included with this bow.

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