King Of The Mountain Camo Clothing

King of the Mountain introduced several new items to supplement their line of Omnitherm wool hunting duds. The Frontier Shirt and Bun Lites pants are functional wool clothing for hunting in warmer climates or when strenuous activity is required. Also new the Hooded Sweatshirt is made from tightly woven Omnitherm wool that is machine washable and carries a lifetime warranty. These high-quality hunting garments are only available factory direct or at select consumer shows. Call 970-962-9306 for a catalog.

The Scent-Lok activated charcoal suit has become a popular item among serious bow hunters. Designed to absorb human odor, the original Scent-Lok suit is worn under camo clothing. The all-new Scent-Lok Camo Outerwear takes the chore of controlling human odor to a new level.

The new camo outer garments feature a layer of charcoal sandwiched between a liner and exterior layer of saddle cloth. After several weeks of use the suit is reactivated by placing it in a clothes dryer on the highest setting for 30-40 minutes. The outside of the garment can be spot cleaned as needed. The Scent-Lok set includes a head cover, jacket, and pants available in Mossy Oak Break-Up, Advantage, and Realtree Xtra Brown.

A new camo fabric company known as Photo Stalk uses actual photographs reproduced onto standard textile. The result is an amazingly realistic camo hunting pattern. It is available in two patterns: WoodStalk is made up of yellows, grays, and browns that blend well with hardwoods, and ForestStalk combines greens, browns, and tans to create an excellent turkey pattern and a bow-hunting pattern for early fall.

Bill Jordan’s Realtree Xtra Brown and Xtra Gray were two of the most enthusiastically received camo patterns at the show. Both patterns use 11 different screens and natural earthtone colors to create a 3-D effect and a more open pattern than other Realtree designs.

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