HyperLite Bow

Leading the list of new Micro series bows from Alpine this year is our flagship bow for the youth and ladies market. The new HyperLite is an aggressive looking and high performance contender in this field. We have used our new two panel wood grip and carbon cable guard to enhance the list of reasons to own this hot Perimeter Weighted One-Cam bow.

With a mass weight of 2.5 pounds everyone will enjoy packing this bow around in the woods. We have finished it in Advantage Camo and given you plenty of sight window with our single plane sight window design. If you’re a short draw, light poundage shooter, this bow’s for you!If you are a serious short draw, light poundage 3D shooter or love to shoot indoor leagues, this bow will turn a few heads and have you shooting like a champ. We clear anodized all of the hardware and powder coated the riser. The super slim and comfortable two piece wood grip will take the torque out of your shooting and the Perimeter Weighted One-Cam will give you a lot of effortless performance.


* Mass weight: 2.5 pounds.
* Axle to Axle: 32 inches:  brace height 6″
* Draw lengths: Perimeter Weighted One-Cam
23″, 24″, 25″, 26″, 27″
* Draw weights: 30, 40, 50 pounds.
* Limbs: Silicone bedded, Bi-Flex composite limb, finished in Advantage Camo
* Sight window: 5.5″ single pane window, allows mounting of all sights.
* Pocket: Machined, Inverse Twin Limb Mounting System
* Riser Colors: Advantage Camo in photo film dip finish
* Cable Guard: Straight mounted carbon.
* Grip: Two piece wood panel grip
* Let-off: Perimeter Weighted One-Cam, 80%

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