Hoyt UltraTec

NEW FOR 2001!
Available colours:
Mossy Oak Forest Floor
Fade Blue
Fade Green
Fade Red
Brace Height: 7″
Draw Weight (Target): 30 to 70lbs
Features 3/4 Split Limb Technology

Limb and Cam Options:
Cams: Limbs:
LX PRO XT 3000 XT 2000
Command Cam 24 to 33″
290fps 23 to 33″
294fps 22 to 33″
Redline Cam n/a n/a 26 to 32″
Axle-to-Axle: 44 1/4″ 41 1/2″ 39″

Hoyt says…
“You may not be aware of all the technology behind the Hoyt UltraTec, but once you shoot it, you’ll understand perfectly. The new UltraTec balances a number of critical design features to achieve unprecedented versatile performance. Whether you’re in the field, on a 3D course or shooting tournament targets, this bow accomplishes it all. A longer, slightly deflex riser design delivers tight-grouping accuracy, while the moderate brace height works to produce a remarkable combination of speed and forgiveness. The TEC design provides a stiff, lightweight riser that is both vibration and recoil-free.”

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