Hoyt HyperTec

Available colours:
Mossy Oak Forest Floor
Fade Blue
Fade Green
Fade Red
Brace Height: 5 3/4″
Draw Weight (Target): 30 to 70lbs
Features 3/4 Split Limb Technology

Limb and Cam Options:
Cams: Limbs:
XT 2000
Redline Cam 24 to 30″
Axle-to-Axle: 36″
Hoyt HyperTec

Hoyt says…
“Welcome to an entirely new concept in speed: Hoyt HyperTec. A blending of physics, technical wizardry, and bowhunting passion. Featuring our revolutionary TEC deisgn, the HyperTec epitomizes the term cutting-edge. The riser is stiff and lightweight with virtually no vibration or recoil at release, so shots are smooth and shock-free. A short brace height promotes a longer power stroke that delivers absolutely scorching arrow speeds. The speed and performance of the HyperTec has been designed for advanced archers. Talk to your local dealer to see if the HyperTec is right for you.”

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