Hornes Archery

1481602757-5393-pic-combohunter-actionThe Combo Hunter is the newest addition to the Horne’s Archery family. This bow may be the finest example of exquisite craftsmanship coupled with unmatched performance and versatility.
The Combo Hunter is a longbow riser with a 3″ radiused sight window, designed to be interchangeable with your choice of takedown longbow or recurve limbs, matched and weighted to perform flawlessly on one riser.
This allows you to shoot either combination with superb performance without sacrificing accuracy. For the 3D target shooter, you can shoot the same bow in multiple archery classes. This may truly be the last bow you will ever own.
The Combo Hunter recurve limbs are available in 60″ or 62″ and longbow limbs in 62″, 64″ or 66″.




1481602755-1193-pic-brushbow-actionThe Brush Bow is a 28 ounce one piece longbow design that fits your hand as if it was an extension of your own body.
The limbs of the brush bow have a built-in reflex-deflex design for maximum stored energy while eliminating the hand shock typically associated with longbows. The riser has a 3″ radiused sight window and radiused shelf finished with a synthetic hair rest and strike plate. The grip can be customized to your choice of either medium or low grip.
The Brush Bow is available in 60″, 62″ or 64″ with fadeout limb tips in black, brown, clear or white glass.




1481602755-2240-pic-mtnbow-actionAn innovation off of a 1950’s model recurve, this bow provides stability and smoothness with great speeds. The goat skin and sinew wrapped handle is available in medium or low grip.
You have your choice of a take down Mountain Bow at 56″, 58″, 60″ or 62″ with a 3-1/2″ radiused sight window or a one piece style available in 60″ with a radiused sight window.
Mountain bows come with hardwood overlays and fadeout limb tips that can be made to match your handle with any combination of black, brown, clear or white glass.


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