Green Horn Diamond Star

Riser specs:
Riser length: 22″
Riser weight: 1.100kg
Grip: Teak – low, medium, high
Riser colours: Ultra-hard anodised – blue, red, green, black and magenta.

Alternative Sporting Services Option 2:

The excellent Diamond Star riser with glass/wood laminate limbs complete with either the shoot through cable system or the conventional cables plus cable guard.
This bow is supplied with the Soft Cam option fitted with Needle Roller Bearings giving a very smooth, quick and reliable bow. Recommended ATA is 40″ with an alternative option of 44″
Green Horn colours
Alternative Sporting Services Option 4:

Basically the same specification as Option 1, but with the superb top of the range Laminated Recurve Ceramic Carbon Ultra limbs.
Recommended ATA is 44″ with an alternative option of 40″ for a quicker bow.
Alternative Options:

Option 1: No longer available!
Option 3: Featuring Laminated Recurve Carbon Ultra limbs.
Price: POA
Green Horn Diamond Star specifications.

The Green Horn Diamond Star is a machined slight deflex riser from a high strength solid bar of 6060-1 aluminium alloy, resulting in a perfectly balanced bow with minimum grip area torque at full draw. Notable features include a “true-center” design and full fletching clearance
Wheels: Soft cams with 65% let off
Cables and string: Dyneema split-cable or full shoot-through system
Total bow weight: 1.900kg
Total bow lengths: 40″ and 44″ ATA
Draw lengths: 25 to 34″
Draw weights: 35 to 80lbs

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