Graphite Bow Arrows

The big news in graphite arrows comes from a small company in Acme, Michigan. Carbon Impact recently introduced a full line of arrow shafts featuring an unique GUIP construction process. A multi-directional layering technique, according to Carbon Impact this technology allows the graphite fibers to be wrapped to provide maximum strength against cross stresses and allow a reduction of wall thickness. All other graphite arrows are produced using a process that aligns the fibers in a linear manner and glues them together with a resin.

Carbon Impact shafts are stiffer and lighter than other carbon arrows, making them faster and superior in penetration. Archery buffs have several shafts to choose from. The top of the line Carbon Impact shaft is called the Ultra H Gold and is primarily designed for target archers and demanding 3-D shooters. The Ultra H Green shafts are suitable for 3-D shooters and demanding bow hunters. Ultra H Orange shafts are suited for serious bow hunters and first season 3-D shooters. Ultra H Yellow shafts are an economical choice for hunters interested in trying carbon arrows. Each of these shafts are available with feathers or plastic vanes.

These arrows also feature a outsert-style nock attachment. Called a Rotocap, the company’s Tecnock pressure fits over the Rotocap which comes installed on all shafts. The Tecnock can be easily turned to index arrows for vane clearance with all types of rests. Outsert point adapters must also be used with these shafts.

Competitive shooters have already given these shafts the thumbs up rating and hunters are sure to follow suit. Carbon Impact is a new company. Shafts may not be available at all pro shops. For more information and pricing contact Carbon Impact direct at 616-938-2079.

Game Tracker/AFC produces an extensive line of carbon arrows. All of their arrows may be used for hunting, but two shafts were made especially with hunters in mind.

The Advantage combines a high performance carbon arrow with the popular Advantage camouflage pattern. This shaft features a straightness factor of +/- .00075 inch and is available with feathers or vanes.

Similar in quality, the Realtree carbon arrow features a straightness factor of +/- .00175 inch and is available with vanes or feathers. Bare shafts are also available in both the Advantage and Realtree patterns for those who prefer to build their own custom arrows. These arrows feature a pressure-fit nock and glue-on outsert point adapter. .

Fans of Beman carbon arrows will appreciate Beman’s new Nock Outsert designed to accept the popular Easton “G” series nock. Available to fit all Beman Hunter and Diva shafts, this outsert system provides target shooters and demanding bow hunters with a deeper throated nock that’s streamlined for performance.

Now’s the time to get serious about shopping for arrows and stocking up on arrow-building supplies. Spend some time browsing at your local archery pro shop and as much time as possible on the practice range. If unique is what you seek, you’ll have plenty to choose from with this season’s line-up of hunting arrows.

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