Granite Ridge Bows

One Piece Recurves And Takedown Recurves

Granite Ridge Bows

can be made in 60″ & 62″ lengths.





The Real McCoy

came to be as I realized there was a void in the style of bows being offered to those of us who prefer a long bow.






The long bows available had many disadvantages such as finger pinch, hand shock , stacking and most proved to be too long for tree stand hunting or still hunting.The Real McCoy comes in lengths of 54″ or 56″ therefore making it a great bush bow or tree stand companion. Because of the short riser length [ handle ] and good working length limbs , stacking is virtually eliminated. The reflex-deflex design allows the limbs to unfold in such a manner that there is no noticeable finger pinch. The materials used in the composition of the limbs include red elm, bamboo , carbon or actionwood. Because of more than usual reflex-deflex design there is no noticeable hand shock.The preferred riser material is gun stock walnut because of its unequalled beauty and strength. Walnut blends nicely with red elm or actionwood along with accent strips of red , white and black to make a bow that catches the attention of fellow archers. Last but not least, these bows are fast ! ! A 62 Ib. McCoy shooting a 2016 alum. arrow @ 28″ chronographed at 210 fps. These bows will handle a heavy hunting arrow with ease.



Granite Ridge Bows

can be made in 60″, 62″’ & 64″ lengths. Bow draw weights are from 40 lb to 70 lbs. The riser of these bows is designed to fit your hand and can be custom crafted to your specifications.

I find these bows shoot extremely well with a medium wrist.

A 62″ longbow with a draw weight of 60 lbs, shooting a 2117 aluminum arrow, drawn to 28″ was chronographed at 175 feet per second. These bows are designed to have little or no hand shock. Brown, black or clear Botough glass can be used on the limbs. Overlays are included on every bow on the back of the riser and on the tips for strength and beauty.


Granite Ridge Bows

are handcrafted from the finest materials available. Action wood & unidirectional carbon are used in the core lay up of these bows. Bo-tough glass is used for accent strips in the riser sections both for beauty and for strength. Limb tips can be reinforced if fast-flight string is going to be used. If requested, a moose antler identification button can be added to the riser section to personalize the bow of your choice. The preferred woods used in the riser sections of my bows are black cherry and walnut. These materials are harvested from my own woodlot.

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