Fast Trac System Bow Cam

Our exciting new Fast Trac Cam incorporates the most efficient and long wearing bearing system in the industry. This new, high performance, Four Point Bearing Control System (Patent Pending) utilizes a precision brass bearing housing to encase an ultra low friction sealed ball bearing. The bearings and housings are mounted on each of the outside surfaces of our Perimeter Weighted One-Cams and Idlers, on all of our new Fast Trac Series bows.

Ball Bearing assembly for our Perimeter Weighted One-CamThe wide stance established by mounting the bearing hub on the outside of the cam body gives you unprecedented cam and idler stability, indefinite bearing life and the industry’s lowest coefficient of friction in a one-cam bow! You will no longer have to worry about replacing sleeve type bushings that wear out all the time.

Additional benefits include higher velocities, little or no bearing maintenance, quieter operation, more wheel stability and finally an end to wheel lean caused by worn or poor fitting sleeve type bushings. We are so excited about this new system that we have created a new series of bows incorporating the Fast Trac System. All of the new Fast Trac Series bows feature straight carbon cable guard rods, two piece wood panel grips and single plane, high visibility sight windows that will mount almost any kind of sight you can think of. Our Fast Trac Series bows are available in Realtree’s new Hardwoods Camo and the ever-popular Advantage Camo, all film dipped for a classy, long lasting finish. Look for the Fast Trac logo as you cruise through our catalog and set your sights on a great new bow from Alpine this year!

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