English Longbow For Sale

It is perhaps one of the most influential weapons of war in history and so it’s not surprising that many collectors and traditional archers still seek a qualityEnglish longbow for sale. There are quite a few available on Amazon, but not all of them are genuine articles and will perform poorly when taken to the archery range.

We have done an extensive research in order to help you find the best possible English longbow for sale. While an overly cheap traditional English longbow for sale is usually of poor quality, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a decent one without spending a fortune.

You will probably need to spend at least $100 for a decent one and a really good one can cost a lot more than that, so we have done our best to find affordable yet quality made models.

English longbow for sale

Rough and Ready English Style Longbow
Here’s nice example. This rough ready English style longbow is of decent quality and quite cheap, but as the name suggests it’s pretty rough hewn. You can however dedicate a little time and give this model a light sanding and varnish it (I‘d recommend using a polyurethane finish, because it’s pretty abrasion resistant). You should also wax the string to prolong its lifespan. If you choose to do all of the above you’ll have a great bow at only a fraction of the price usually cost.
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Another affordable English longbow for sale is manufactured by Rudderbows Archery. This English longbow is of great quality for its price; it’s made of hickory and is available in draw weights from 25 to 50 lbs. With its 74 inches of length it truly deserves the name longbow and while this makes it a bit cumbersome it also gives it stability, accuracy and power. This is one of the best deals for a traditional English longbow for sale.

traditional english longbow for sale

Triliam English Longbow Hickory
Rudderbows Archery offers another quality hickory backed English longbow, this one comes in draw weights from 25 to 70 lbs. and while it’s a little pricier than the previous one it’s also a little more powerful and some people claim to have successfully hunted large game such as hogs with it. But unless you’re a master archer I wouldn’t recommend this bow for hunting.
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Tri Lam Heavy War Bow Hickory Backed Longbow english longbow for sale

Tri Lam Heavy War Bow Hickory Backed Longbow
If you wish to own a genuine weapon of war then I’d recommend this heavy hickory backed longbow. It’s only available in very high draw weights from 90 to 130 lbs, so if you intend to shoot this model you should keep in mind that it does require a certain amount of strength. Otherwise this one is of superb quality and will not disappoint on the range and I have to say that this is the fastest traditional bow I’ve ever shot.
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There’s joy to be found in the traditional shooting and while these bows may not be as fast or as accurate as compound bows, there’s still a certain charm in knowing that you have hit the target with a weapon that has existed for hundreds of years.