Electronic Trail Timers And Cameras

A picture is worth a thousand hours of scouting. Literally, one picture of an animal passing along a trail or visiting a feeder can provide enough information to insure a successful hunt. Predicting the movements of game animals is never easy, but with the help of an infrared triggered camera, you can quickly learn what types and quality of animals frequent your hunting area, the date and exact times they most often visit.

Trail timers and cameras aren’t exactly news to bowhunters, but some new technology makes for better pictures and more hunting information. The Buckshot 35 introduced at the 1999 AMO trade show is an infrared triggered camera mounted in a waterproof and camo cover. The waterproof case insures that condensation can’t form in the camera causing it to freeze in cold weather or fail in humid weather.

Inside the waterproof housing a Fuji autofocus camera with a motor-drive records what passes by the trigger. An auto-flash feature insures that images are captured both day or night.

The unit features both a long-range and a short-range detection system that allows the camera to monitor close-in objects such as trail watching in brushy situations or animals farther away at, say, a watering hole. The camera can also be set to take multiple pictures or to program in a specific delay between shots.

digital-trail-cameraA magnetic activation system enables the camera to be checked without even touching the unit. When a magnet is brought within a few inches of the camera, a light blinks out the number of pictures taken since the camera was set up. The same magnet can also be used to disable the camera when changing film or moving the unit.

Red dot scopes, holographic sights, laser rangefinders, and infrared activated trail cameras are just some of the electronic gadgets that make bowhunting more enjoyable and productive. Durable, functional, and in most cases affordable, the electronics age has embraced bowhunting full swing. Many of these items have already become widely accepted by bowhunters and in the future there’s little doubt that more and better gadgets are in the cards.

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