Easton Arrows

The new Easton A/C/C HyperSpeed may be the fastest arrow shaft in the world. This the latest generation of the A/C/C (Aluminum, Carbon, Competition) uses two wraps of carbon instead of three over an aluminum core. The result is a shaft that’s 30-40 grains lighter than comparable A/C/C/ shafts with a similar spine stiffness.

Gold Tip grabbed everyone’s attention with the introduction of their Graphite XT shaft. The Graphite XT is constructed of five layers of graphite fiber including three layers of straight fiber and two layers of radial or wrapped fiber that gives the shaft more stiffness and crush resistance that other shafts. The result is a shaft that’s considerably stronger than any aluminum, graphite, or carbon/aluminum shaft on the market. What’s even better the Graphite XT covers all spine needs from 35- to 95-pound draw weights with only three different shafts and uses a single size nock and point insert instead of bulky outserts.

The straightness factor is +/- .002 of an inch, making the Graphite XT one of the straightest target and hunting shafts available.

Bohning introduced a new product especially for cross bow enthusiasts who wish to fletch their own bolts. Designed as a two-part system, the Cross Bow Bolt Cap fits into the bolt and the Fletching Nock indexes into a square hole in the Bolt Cap. When the Fletching Nock is installed, the bolt can be fletched in any standard fletching jig.

Bohning also introduced their Signature nock designed to fit the Easton Uni-Bushing. The Signature nock features a deep throat and firm string tension, making it ideal for both finger and release shooters.

ATV Accessories

Bow hunters who use an ATV to access remote hunting areas will appreciate the Wahoo ATV Totem. The Totem is a gear hauler that mounts to the rear rack on most ATVs. The slickest way yet to haul treestands, bow cases, and other gear, the Totem secures these items while leaving the rear rack open for other storage needs.

Hand-Held GPS

Quality hand-held GPS units are now within the price range of any bow hunter. The new Eagle Explorer offers 12-channel GPS performance for around $200. With technology co-developed by Rockwell International, the Explorer analyzes and computes data from up to a dozen satellites simultaneously. The result is the fastest, most accurate, and dependable hand-held GPS navigational aid available.

Powered by four AA batteries or a Nickel Metal Hydride battery that can be recharged up to 500 times, the Explorer also offers accessory chargers that provide on-board charging even when the unit is in use.

The Explorer can store up to 750 position points, 250 waypoints, and up to 500 graphic event icon symbols. A total of 15 different graphic icons are available to note special locations. Users can mark treestand sites, camps, the location of downed game, and more.

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