The Martin Pantera Magnum

This new Martin Pantera is one of the best technologically advanced bow systems with a single cam as it is packed with all upgrades. The riser is made of longer machined aluminum and it has a very advanced limb angle. With this, it is very possible for the Pantera to shoot on pin point accuracy the whole day. As it is combined with the new Martins very adjustable Fury XT, which are single cams, and cloaked with Vista camo, it can shoot at a speed of 330 fps.

The PowerTough limbs of the Pantera minimize the movement as they do not stretch or have a peep rotation but its parallel design cancels out this hindrance. The Carbon Fiber STS stops the string from vibrating.

The Fury XT is smooth, fast and adjustable. The bow is very durable and accurate as it has a saddleback thermal grip which is comfortable and does not allow the user’s hand from sliding. It shooting speed ranges between 320-330 fps and has an 80% let-off.
• The Axle length is 34”
• Draw length can vary between 25”-31.25”
• The draw weight is 70lbs.
• Brace height is 7”

This bow is of great value as it arrives ready for use.

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