Martin Onza 3

The Martin Onza # is a compound bow with a lot of features. Usually useful in hunting as well as target practice, it has an appealing design which gives attention to detail. It is very quiet, fast and free from vibration.

Whenever you buy a package of Martin Onza 3, it comes full loaded with the Martin Onza bow and its accessories, SOS string silencer, safety and instruction manual as well as a Martin’s warranty card. The arrows are bought separately.

The Martin Onza 3 has a Hybrid Nitro eccentric system. The control cam is located on top while the bottom limb hosts the power cam. It rotating module makes the bow faster and easier to change draw lengths from 27.5” to 30.5” in 0.5” increments. The shooting speed for Martin Onza 3 is 335fps according to the IBO rating under average conditions.

The kinetic energy of the bow will depend on draw length and weight, arrow weight and other factors. Under the most powerful setting, a 425 grain arrow can produce 84-88 lbs. of kinetic energy. It is considered among the quiet bows due to the bridged riser, SOS and VEM systems. It costs in the range of $800 and $1000.

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