Martin Firecat Pro-X

Martin Firecat Pro-X is a flagship bow made from the 2008 martin bow line. the bow is equipped with machined aluminum riser and the Roto Limb Cup, a new system that helps in the reduction of the mass weight to about 3.5 lbs. When compared to the original limb pockets, Roto Limb Cup has two main benefits. First of all, the limb aligns perfectly with the cup thus stabilizing the bow.

The other benefit, the cup system was constructed with less material making it less heavy.

This bow uses the Hybrid Duo Cam. This system is able to generate an IBO speed ranging from 335fps to 345 fps. This cam system enables the bow to maintain its synchronization, reduce the cam lean and also make the bow easy to tune. It has an adjustable draw length between 26” to 30” as its let-off is about 80%.

The Cam system is relatively smooth and fairly aggressive. The huge let-off dips to the valley severely. This is not a problem tough as most archers say it might take some while to get used. This bow is really quiet and ideal for experienced archers. This is best bow for money worth between $199.95-299. It is an alternative to the other expensive bows.