A Review Of The PSE X-Force Drive

PSE X-Force Drive is a compound bow that is very good for the hunters as the axle-to-axle length is very short and also has a relatively heavy weight. The weight makes it not suitable for the long target shooting practice. The good thing about it is that it is easy to adjust, has good power output, it is stable and dependable, and has a friendly draw cycle. The ability to have a draw length of 31.5” makes it good for the tall people.

It comes fully packed with accessories, a printed manual as well as a PSE warranty card. the X-Force Drive has a DC cam system which allows the user to adjust it within 26” to 31.5” in intervals of 0.5”. On average, the speed rating by IBO is 326 fps. The X-Force Drive is quiet as what you normally hear once you release the string is the when the string hits the suppressor. There is no need for whiskers.

When hunting, this is the best bow to use. They are available in large varieties depending on what you want to hunt. It has a spilt parallel limb to eliminate the hand shock, large pocket risers and a Raptor grip. The price of the bow will depend on the choice of bow you choose.

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