Bow Mechanical Release Aids

A growing number of hunters are turning to mechanical release aids. Releases come in dozens of styles designed to suit a wide range of budgets, shooters, and shooting styles. Designed to help hunters and target shooters improve their accuracy, these products assist in achieving crisp and consistent arrow releases.

Shooters who choose a high-speed cam bow will benefit the most from a mechanical release. High-energy bows generate incredible arrow speeds when the cams roll over and sling the shaft into motion. The arrow itself is driven out of the bow with such a sudden and powerful force, it bends out of shape momentarily. Accurate flight depends on how cleanly the shaft separates from the string. A jerky or sloppy finger release causes unpredictable arrow flight.

Put simply, mechanical releases reduce or eliminate human error often encountered when fingers are used to release the bow string. Many shooters still enjoy the challenge of holding and releasing the string with their fingers, but few would argue that mechanical release aids are a more accurate shooting style.

Shooters using cam-equipped bows or other speed bows should use a mechanical release aid. Those who own energy-wheel and round-wheel bows can also use these products to enjoy tighter groups and better hunting success.