Bow Hunting Tree Stands

At some point in a bowhunter’s career elevated stands enter the picture. Treestand hunting requires the purchase of a dependable safety strap. Many treestand manufacturers include a simple safety strap with each stand. Shoulder harnesses, climbing belts, and safety belts offer a greater degree of security.

Treestands are available in three basic styles, including climbers, bolt-on stands, and ladder stands. Climbers allow hunters to scale straight and relatively limb-free trees quickly and quietly. Climbers are handy, especially when the hunter must remove his stand at the end of each hunting day.

Bolt-on stands are less expensive, but they require the hunter to use tree steps or strap- on steps toreach the stand. This type of stand is often put up at the beginning of the season and left in place for weeks, where the law allows.

Ladder stands have become popular in recent years, especially with older hunters who aren’t comfortable climbing trees. Among the safest of all deer hunting stands, ladders range in height from 10 to 20 feet. The shorter versions of these stands must be placed in areas where the hunter has plenty of natural cover to prevent deer and other big-game from spotting the hunter.

Before purchasing any stand check with local game laws regarding the use of treestands on public lands. Some states have strict laws governing the use of treestands.

Hunters will also needa bow case to transport their weapons to and from the field, plus a daypack to carry important accessories. Those who plan to hunt abroad will need a hard case suitable for airline travel.

As hunters get more involved in the sport, many enjoy building their own hunting arrows, purchasing additional hunting clothes, experimenting with cover, food, and sex scents, and trying countless other accessory items.

Bowhunting can be simple or complicated. Purchasing quality and balanced equipment is a start in the right direction. The best place to purchase archery equipment is from a pro shop with an experienced staff.

Joining a hunting club that offers a 3-D target range is money well spent. Regular 3-D target practice is a shortcut to shooting skill and hunting success.