Bow Hunting Quiver

A bow and selection of arrows is basic equipment for a bowhunter. So is a safe place to conveniently store broadhead-tipped arrows while in the field. Hunting quivers come in two basic styles, those that attach to the bow and those that attach to a hunter’s belt.

Bow-mounted quivers hold from three to 12 arrows. Most mount to the bow using a dovetail bracket and set screw that allows the quiver to be easily removed.

Adding a quiver full of arrows to a bow dramatically changes the balance of the bow and can influence how it shoots. Hunters who wish to use a bow-mounted quiver must practice with the quiver in place to get used to the different feel of the bow.

Bow-mounted quivers can also make a bow shoot a little noisy. Vibrations caused when the string is released rattle the arrow shafts and other hardware. This problem can be minimized by making sure necessary hardware is tight and that arrows are firmly seated into the rubber and foam brackets designed to hold them in place.

Hip or belt quivers enjoy a significant following among serious bowhunters. Designed to hold a supply of arrows conveniently at your side, many models are constructed of fleece that silently holds arrows at the ready.

Hunters who spend most of their time hunting from treestands seem to favor bow-mounted quivers for the convenience of transporting arrows to and from the stand. Once in the stand, many hunters remove the quiver and secure it at a convenient location.

Hunters who commonly hunt on the ground will find that a hip- or belt-mounted quiver is a handy investment. A hip-mounted quiver slides through brush smoothly, making it easier to stalk game.