Bow Hunting Clothes

Without hesitation bowhunters purchase the majority of camouflage clothing sold in America. The importance of quality camo clothing can’t be overstated.

The clothing needs of the bowhunter vary widely. Temperature, terrain, and weather all play an important part in selecting camouflage.

An early season bowhunter will find that uninsulated clothing featuring primarily a green leafy pattern performs best. Late in the season, when the same hunter hunts in frigid temperatures and snow-covered backgrounds, insulated garments and patterns that blend with snow or gray winter skies are required.

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Despite claims to the contrary, there is no one camouflage pattern suitable for all bowhunting situations. Many avid bowhunters own two or more patterns of clothing designed to blend in with hunting conditions as the seasons change.

When selecting clothing, the hunter must be concerned with the pattern or primary colors, but he or she must also seek garments that are quiet, warm, and weather-resistant. Some of the most trusted hunting fabrics are chamois, fleece, and wool. New fabrics, including Saddle Cloth and Worsterlon–a polyester fabric that resembles wool, are gaining popularity among bowhunters.