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As an authorized dealer (and user) of Gametamer hunting stands, we chose to endorse these products for one reason …we believe they are the most well-built deer stands on the market. Designed with the bowhunter in mind, Gametamer stands offer a full 360-degree range of movement. Built for maximum comfort and durability, these stands have a 500-lb. capacity and are 100% noiseless. Gametamer stands carry a full lifetime warranty. The Gametamer tree stand is fully adjustable to 45-degrees to fit straight or leaning trees and limbs. Its conformity to odd positions allows for greater freedom in selecting hunting sites. Furthermore, the corrugated platform provides stability and a secure surface for standing shots.



1481599547-9413-gametamer-2For open sites, the Gametamer quadpod with adjustable legs features various height positioning. Easy assembly and rugged construction make this stand a must for hunting edges and clearings. Also available in fixed-leg models. TS-32 Tree Stand, 32″ base — $198.00 TS-32 Tree Stand, 24″ base — $179.00 QP-12 Quadpod, 12′ adjustable legs — $219.00 QP-10 Quadpod, 10′ fixed legs — $179.00 QP-5 Quadpod, 5′ fixed legs, 24″ square base — $129.00 TL-5 5′ Section Ladder with attachment hardware — $29.00 BH-6 Bow Holder — $16.00 Prices subject to change without notice


The following options should be considered when customizing your Bob Lee bow:


Available bow lengths range from 58 to 68 inches and differ with each model. Likewise, draw weights vary, ranging from 35 to 70 pounds at 28 inches. (Specific weights and lengths are outlined in model descriptions and on order form.)


Grips are available in low, standard, and high. For an additional $20.00, you may send us a grip for duplication.


Your bow may be personalized with your name at no charge.


We will provide accessory inserts for your bow at no charge, but we do not install them.


(Draw measured from string to far side of shelf)

RECURVE Draw Length


LONGBOW Draw Length


STICK Draw Length

 26″-27″  58″ Limbs  Up to 28″  58″ Limbs  Up to 28″  62″ Limbs
 27″-28″  60″ Limbs  28″-29″  60″ Limbs  28″-29″  64″ Limbs
 28″-29″  62″ Limbs  29″-30″  62″ Limbs  29″ & up  66″ Limbs
 29″ & up  64″ Limbs  30″ & up  64″ Limbs


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Selway Quiver

(Pictured at near right on our Micarta Stick)

Handstitched rawhide leather makes this ruggedly handsome quiver the perfect complement to our bows. No drilling or inserts are required with leather straps situated under the bushings to secure the quiver.

Available in 4, 5, and 6 arrow sizes in bolt-on or slide-on models.



Add $6.00 for shipping/handling


Great Northern Quiver

(Pictured at far right on our Micarta Classic Thunderbolt with custom arrows by Arrow Art.)

This lightweight quiver with handstitched leather hood holds up to five arrows securely and fits each of our bow models. Guaranteed not to slip. Available in adjustable or solid-mount models.



Add $6.00 for shipping/handling

Bob Lee Signature Wooden Arrows

Featuring the Bob Lee insignia

Custom, hand-detailed wooden arrows


Ask about our aluminum arrows

Choice of fletching with broadhead or target points.

Carrying Case – Each full takedown order is shipped with a padded case, bow stringer, and B-75 Flemish bow string. Our bow case features a camo exterior with the Bob Lee logo, faux fur interior, accessory pocket, and individual limb sleeves. May be purchased separately — $35.00

Bob Lee T-Shirts – Our poly/cotton blend t-shirts are screenprinted with the Bob Lee logo and are available in the colors shown. Sizes S-XXL — $10.00

Bob Lee Caps – These short-billed caps offer extra clearance for bowhunters. Embroidered with our logo on the Mossy Oak® pattern. One size fits all — $10.00

Shooting Gloves – Leather shooting glove with buckle closure at wrist offers comfort and flexibility for smooth releases. Sizes M and L — $12.50

Same glove with nylon inserts for added finger protection. Sizes M and L — $19.95

Arm Guard

– Features a handtooled Bob Lee logo with elastic back-wrap and deer horn wrap buttons. One size fits all — $35.00

Bow Sock

Our bow sock is constructed of camo fleece and reinforced with a leather foot for added durability. Foldover tie holds bow in position. Accommodates bows up to 66″ — $14.95

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