Black Widow Bows

Black Widow Bows

Custom made Black Widow Recurves and Longbows in a variety of styles and options.

X – Exotic Wood Bows

Finally! Black Widow bows offered with the option of exotic woods. Look for more in December.

PMA Take-Down Recurves

With newly redesigned and balanced limbs the 2002 MA Series of take-down recurves has even greater smoothness and performance as never before achieved. In 58-64″ lengths and an 18″ handle.

PSA Take-Down Recurves

With newly redesigned, dynamically balanced SA limbs enhances both feel and performance. With 56-62″ lengths and a 16″ handle, the new SA is perfect for the archer looking for greater manueverability.

TF One- Piece Recurves

This graceful, one-piece bow is reminiscent of the older 50’s style one-piece TF that launched the Black Widow legend which lives on today.

SAG and SIW Short Recurves

The “Short” series was designed especially for the hunter who loves the look of the 1940’s and longs for a very short, maneuverable bow, but without the stack and finger pinch. Available in a one-piece or take-down version.

LAG and LIW Longbows

In both one-piece and take-down. Many people claim the Black Widow Longbow has less handshock than most other recurves – and is far superior to all other longbows they have shot! Find out for yourself.

Martin Archery Recurves

For the beginning bowhunter looking for qood quality and performance for the money.

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