Mamba Recurve

The Mamba recurve by Martin Archery was redesigned from the old Martin Highspeed. The traditional hunters spoke highly of the Martin Highspeed for a long time. The Mamba is very beautiful and powerful at the same time is provides a lot of energy that is used for FAST shooting.

Due to its light weight of 1lbs, 14oz, it is highly maneuverable as easy to carry as it fits perfectly in tight spots. The Mamba recurve package comes with an owner’s manual.

The Riser is radiused and has a cut-past center shelf. The Bubinga is outlined with a Shedua stripe and also has an arrow rest and also a plate. The limbs are made of eastern hard maple and are surrounded with black fiberglass.

The bow tips are reinforced in order to allow usage of the current bow strings. The twisy bow strings are BCY Flemish. Manufacturers recommend a brace height of 7”-7.5”. The replacement string length is about 54”.

The good thing with this bow is that it can be used by both the left handed people and right handed people. The bow weight has a draw length of 28”. Always ensure to rest the bow on the side or hang it, and that you never dry fire it.

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