Best Recurve Bow

Since there are hundreds of recurve bow models out there choosing the best recurve bow may seem quite a daunting task. This website was created in order to help you find the best recurve bow without spending too much time searching for it. Some of the models presented here have existed for more than 50 years and have over time evolved to become the most trusted in the industry.

best recurve bow for the money

Martin Saber Takedown Bow Kit, 55-Pound, Black
A few extra dollars will get you a Martin Saber; this one is also well-suited for beginners. It has a well made ergonomic grip which makes it a pleasure to shoot and produces very little vibration or sound. The riser is made of aluminum and this one is also a takedown.

Draw weight: 30-55 lbs. / Length: 64” / Weight: 3.4 lbs. /
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Best Recurve Bow for the Money

In this guide we have focused on bows that have great value for the money spent rather than on those which are simply the best. The more traditional recurve bows are usually much cheaper than their more complex cousins the compounds. This is why most beginners are advised to buy a recurve for their first one. Traditional recurve bows for sale are usually takedowns, meaning you can exchange their limbs for stronger ones as you grow stronger and more skillful. This is usually true with cheap recurve bows as the more pricey ones already have the best possible limbs and are therefore normally single-piece.

Recurve Bow Reviews

We present you here with some of the top recurve bows for the money spent, but keep in mind that if you have the money it is best to buy a better and that usually means more expensive.

Best Recurve Bow

Martin Archery 2013 Martin Diablo Takedown Black Carbon
The next one is also from Martin Archery, it’s called Martin Diablo. This takedown bow features aluminum riser and is very silent and vibration-free. At the higher draw weight setting this one is even suitable for hunting large game.

Draw weight: 30-55 lbs. / Length: 62” / Weight: 2.7 lbs.
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recurve bow reviews

Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow
Bear Grizzly is the model of choice for thousands of hunters and target shooters. When one shoots this one it’s not hard to see why, it’s a very compact and lightweight and is a one-piece bow, so you should choose your draw weight carefully. This is a model that many people favor for hunting.

Draw weight: 50-60 lbs. / Length: 58” / Weight: 2.2 lbs.
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Wooden Recurve Bow

While many of them feature wooden parts it’s quite rare to find a full wood recurve bow as only few people still make them out of traditional recurve bow wood such as yew or bamboo.