Best Hunting Boots

Bow hunters concerned about keeping human scent under control know the value of wearing tall rubber boots. The new Sorel Redwood is a knee-length boot with a 6mm ThermoPlus InnerBoot and a comfort rating of +40F to -25F. A Cordura collar closes at the top with a drawstring to keep out snow and debris.

For extremely cold hunting, the IceFisher is the warmest rubber boot money can buy. Comfort rated at +40F to -100F, this boot features the ThermoPlus 100 InnerBoot system. The InnerBoot is 13mm thick and composed of four layers including polyester next to the skin for wicking moisture, polypropylene to add warmth and wicking ability, Radiantex foil to reflect body heat, and polyester/viscose on the outside for moisture storage and dispersion. The InnerBoot is teamed up with a midsole that’s a 12mm combination of mesh, Radiantex, and felt.


Surprisingly it wasn’t a new bow but a new timing adjustment that stole the show. Golden Eagle announced that a timing system known as Xact Timing will be used on all their performance bows.

Xact Timing is a method for timing two-cam bows that’s so easy anyone can make timing adjustments in less than two minutes. Two simple wrenches are used to loosen a screw and rotate the Xact Timing feature on one cam to bring it into synchronization with the other cam. Since it’s not necessary to release the tension on the string or cables, timing adjustments can be made in the field.

Xact Timing is available on most 1997 high-performance Golden Eagle bows and will also be sold as an after-market item.

Ladies shopping for a new bow will be impressed with the new Elite by Darton. Designed to provide performance for women and other short-draw-length archers, the Elite uses Darton’s Mark II cams. The Elite is offered in 40-, 50-, and 60-pound draw weights and lengths of 23-1/2 to 26-1/2 inches.

Fans of Oneida bows will be pleased to see the new Lite-Force. An affordable machined riser bow that’s lighter, shorter, and shoots more quietly than previous Oneida bows. The Lite-Force is available with a 25- to 55-pound draw weight and 22- to 30-inch draw length. The Lite-Force Magnum features a 50- to 70-pound draw weight or a 60- to 80-pound limbs for a small extra charge. Draw lengths range from 26 to 34 inches.

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