Parker BushWacker 150 Crossbow

The Parker BushWacker 150 is a powerful crossbow that has a mass weight of 7.1 lbs. The crossbow has a large draw weight of 150 lbs. which makes it ideal for hunting. It has a power stroke of 11” and the axle to axle length is 23.75” as it length to stirrup is about 37.25”. With this specification, the crossbow is able to generate a speed of 285 fps.

The barrel is made up of polymers as the riser is made up of machined aluminum. This makes it light and durable at the same time. The string and the cable are fully made up of synthetic material. This makes the string to reduce the vibrations. Other features in the crossbow include a G2 trigger, an anti-dry fire device, it has a vented forearm, a max-4 camo package that is important for hunting. It also comes with a quick attach/detach quiver.

There is also has a 3X Multi-recticle scope which is used to aiming the target. The bow can be used in target practicing in shooting ranges. This entry level crossbow is good for the beginners as it has a good grip and not heavy. With time, they can advance to other intermediate crossbows. It is worth $399.95.

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