The Fred Bear Instinct

The Instinct is very good in cases of maneuverability during hunting situation as the axle-to-axle bow length is short. It features are very good making it worth its price tag. The ready-to-shoot option is also available for the bow hunter. Let us get deeper into the details.

It has a nice finish which makes it durable. With good care, the bow is able to last you long enough. The riser has a rugged construction made out of aluminum. The bow accommodates a 22” riser which allows for speed and strength.

The nine cut-outs on the riser reduce the total weight to 4.1 lbs. the quad limbs are compression molded with little or no vibration. They are durable and rigid. The bow grip is a two piece wood lamination with a rubber non-skid component. This allow for the hand not to slip and it is comfortable.
The Instinct has an idler wheel system and a perimeter single cam.

The cam is weighted in order to increase the arrow speed and also the kinetic energy. The draw weight is around 40-70 lbs. with a 75% let-off. The draw length ranges from 23”-30” thus can be adjusted. It has a 306 fps speed.

The Bear Instinct is always a good choice as it is comfortable and light. It is worth $200.

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