The Bear Archery Bow

The Bear Archery Bow is a recurve bow that is specifically designed to hunt bears. This bow quiver is bolted onto the recurve bow in order to have easy access. The quiver works well for both the right handed and the left handed bow and is able to place seven arrows at easy reach anytime they are required.

The bow also includes a hood, which is filled with foam, and is able to accept any type of arrowhead. The arrow height can be easily adjusted. This allows the bow to have the perfect balance when aiming at any hunting target or at target aiming. The quick attach and detach bracket comes in handy most of the times.

The good thing with the Bear Archery Recurve is that it is not heavy. It only weighs two pounds. This makes it easy to carry around as you go out hunting as it will not tire you. It is worth $55.99. Some people may complain that it is highly priced but comparing to the service it offers you, this is a fair price. It is durable and accurate, and the fact that it can be used with any hand makes it a popular bow among people.

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