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Christmas comes but twice a year. Yeah, there’s the Santa Claus version in December and the annual Archery Manufacturers Organization (AMO) trade show held in January.
For this bowhunter, the AMO show is better than Christmas, my birthday, and opening day all rolled into one. Well maybe not opening day, but the moment I walked into this year’s show in Columbus, I started getting excited about the 2015 bowhunting season.

It’s hard not to get excited about bowhunting when you’re surrounded by hundreds of manufacturers displaying their latest and greatest products. My assignment: sort through the many displays and tons of press releases to identify the best new products for 2015. No easy task, I’m constantly amazed at how bowhunting products get better and better.

Darton Cyclone

A product of Darton’s unique CPS Single Cam design, the Cyclone is the flagship of the Premier Pro Series. Available with the SimulFlex split limb or recurve limbs, the Cyclone generates IBO speeds up to 307 feet per second, even when tested at 80 percent let-off.

The riser of the Cyclone is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The cams are Darton’s new C/P/S 3, effective let-off 80 percent and all Darton bows are covered by a limited 10-year warranty.

Rocky Mountain Broadheads

One of the most trusted names in broadheads, Rocky Mountain has expanded the popular Titanium 100 line by adding 85- and 125- grain versions. These broadheads feature a ferrule made from super tough titanium alloy. Designed to be used over and over, company spokesman Bruce Barrie has personally taken seven different big-game animals using the same Titanium 100.

All Titanium broadheads accept replacement blades from the Premier broadhead line.

Innerloc Broadheads

The Innerloc Broadhead are designed to be tough. The cut-on-contact beveled tip screws into the ferrule, securing the blades against the base of the ferrule. The blades feature a flange that locks into place inside the ferrule for superior strength.

Once the blades are dropped into place and the tip screwed into position, the broadhead stays assembled even if removed from the arrow shaft. No washer or O-ring is needed to achieve perfect broadhead to shaft alignment.

The 200/LT series is available in 85, 95, 105, and 115 grains. The 250/LT series are offered in 95-, 105-, 115-, and 125-grain versions.

Del-Ma Broadheads

Chances are you haven’t seen or heard of these unique cut-on-contact broadheads. The three-blade Penetrator Lite is 130 grains with the adapter and yields a modest one-inch cutting diameter for maximum penetration.

What makes these broadheads unique is the blade design. All three blades are fused together to form a single carbon steel cutting tool. The result is exceptional strength and aligned cutting edges that come together to form a three-edged cutting surface.

These unique broadheads can be easily resharpened using a file or stone, making them even more handy for serious bow hunting. More affordable than other broadheads, half a dozen retail for less than $20.

Centipede Flexible Ladder

How many times have you struggled to put strap-on tree steps in a leaning, bent or twisted tree? The Centipede Flexible Ladder can be twisted and flexed to conform to the tree as you climb. A rope binder secures the ladder to the tree with only one hand using a cam-action that holds securely on smooth or rough bark trees.

Available in 12-, 15-, and 16-foot models, the Centipede will hold over 900 pounds at a carry weight of only 15 pounds.


The SteppLadder is described as the ultimate climbing aid and once you’ve seen these steps in action it’s hard to disagree. Each step attaches to the tree using a rope that’s simply wrapped around the tree and then looped through the rung. Once the rope is tightened against the tree, the step is pulled down creating a cam-action that holds it securely in place.

The step itself is also unique. Large enough to stand on with both feet, this is a major advantage when climbing and installing steps.

Available in 8-, 10-, and 12-rung ladder models that reach 14, 18, and 22 feet, respectively.

Summit Viper

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything in climbing tree stands, the Summit Viper arrives. The Viper has absolutely no knobs, pins, nuts or bolts. The seat and platform attach to the tree using a coated cable with adjustable stops that secure into the tubular frame of the stand. The cable can be adjusted from either side of the stand making it easy to climb any tree from 8 to 20 inches in diameter.

Also new, the Viper features a yoke with special notches that hug the tree for a safe and secure hunting platform. Other features include a padded seat, backrest, and shooting rail.

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