Barrie Archery Broadheads

Barrie Archery, manufacturers of Rocky Mountain broadheads, introduced the Titanium 100, a fixed three-blade head and the Assassin, an expandable three-blade head.

The Titanium 100 features a one-piece ferrule/tip machined from solid Titanium. This alloy is 10 times stronger than aluminum and lighter than steel. The blades are .030 inches thick and they align perfectly with the cutting tip yielding a 1-1/8 inch cutting diameter. The Titanium 100 is designed to the strongest and best penetrating broadhead available.

The Assassin is a 100-grain, three-blade, open-on-contact style broadhead. An “O” ring is used to hold the blades closed during flight. On impact the blades open with a foolproof lever action to deliver a 1-1/2 inch cutting diameter.

Another excellent open-on-impact head, the Jak-Hammer produced by Wasp features the strongest blades in the industry. This three-blade head features .036-inch thick blades and is available in a 75- and 100-grain model with 1-1/4 inch and 1-3/4 inch cutting diameters, respectively.

The blades on the Jak-Hammer are held closed with an “O” ring in fight. On impact the blades fold back to the cutting position.

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