Barnett Vortex

Available colours:
Mossy Oak Forest Floor
Red Marble
Blue Marble
Silver Shadow
Draw Weights: 35/50, 45/60, 55/70lbs
Let Off: 65% twin cam
ATA: 39″
Mass weight: 4lb 2oz (1.89kg)
High, medium or low plastic grips
Modular Cams: Optional Draws: 27″(A), 28″(B), 29″(C), 30″(D), 31″(E)


The Adventure Starts Here!

Fast and affordable, the classic Vortex range has everything you would expect in a quality bow… and much much more!

The very latest 3D design reflex riser, cast in magnesium alloy.

The multi draw modular cam system to attain any draw length from 27″ to 31″ simply by changing the modules – without changing the draw weight.

Compression moulded Barnett velocispeed recurve limbs.

Fast Flight string system.

“Vortex… A bow with all the reasons… A bow for all seasons.”

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