Aluminum Bow Arrows

For more years than I can remember, Easton’s XX75 aluminum shaft has been the shaft of choice among serious bow hunters. In 1996 this classic has been improved two ways. First, the XX75 will now be available in the popular Advantage camouflage pattern. Second, Easton has added their Super UNI Bushing and Super Nock to the Advantage series.

The Super UNI Bushing accepts Easton’s Super and 3-D Super nocks and Bohning’s new Signature nock. Designed to provide consistent and straight nock alignment, this system also allows hunters to easily index the nock for vane clearance with any style rest by turning the nock.

Other XX75 shafts include the Camo Hunter, Autumn Orange, and Classic. These shafts are available in spine ratings ranging from 1813 to 2514.

Toted as the ultimate aluminum hunting shaft, Easton’s XX78 Super Slam arrow is made from 7178-T9 aluminum alloy that claims a straightness factor of +/- .0015 inch. The strongest, lightest, and straightest aluminum hunting shaft available, the Super Slam series comes complete with the Super UNI Bushing and Super Nock system.

New for 1996 the Super Slam series has been expanded to include the XX78 Camo Extreme Predator. Available in 2213, 2314, 2413, 2514, and 2613 sizes, this shaft features the Predator camouflage pattern, Super UNI Bushing and Super Nock. Also, the Camo Extreme Predator series features the new 2613 shaft. The beefcake of aluminum shafts, this new size is ideal for hunters shooting heavy poundage bows.

Beman, long known as the leader in quality carbon arrows, has introduced an aluminum arrow for 1996. Known as the Ranger, this shaft is constructed of 5086 aluminum alloy that offers a straightness factor of +/-.005 inch and a PSI rating of 58,000. Designed to be a high-quality and inexpensive shaft, hunters have several sizes including 2016, 2018, 2117, 2216, and 2219 to choose from.
Deadly is the ideal word to describe the latest generation of hunting arrows. Both aluminum and carbon arrows have enjoyed a wealth of technical and cosmetic improvements. Arrows are straighter, lighter, stronger, and more user friendly than ever before.
Bow hunters shopping for a dozen hunting shafts have good and bad news to consider. The good news is that arrows are getting lighter and stiffer. In technical terms that translates into faster arrow flight, less trajectory, and maximum penetration. In other words, big problems for whitetails.

The bad news is with so many excellent shafts to choose from, it’s going to be tough to settle on just one.

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