56″ Firebird T/D Recurve Bow



An all new bow for the Millennium . Fast, Smooth, and Compact. The Firebird, with limbs attaching on belly, is as powerful as a wolverine and fast as a mongoose. This bow draws smoothly to 30″ , with no noticeable finger pinch. A great shooter you will be impressed with! If you need more information on the Firebird, please send an e-mail to [email protected] For more Firebird pictures CLICK HERE. For Bow Prices and Options CLICK HERE. To order your new custom 56″ Firebird T/D please use our Bow Order Form.






Grey Bark/Black Glass
Firebird Prices and Options:

Firebird: Standard – $340, Bow Order Form. For more Firebird pictures CLICK HERE.

Length: 56″


Risers: Basic Woods – No Charge

Optional Action Woods – add $50

Optional Premium Woods – add $50

Two-Wood Combination available at no additional cost except for

optional wood cost.

Limbs: Basic Woods – No Charge

Optional Action Woods – add $25

Optional Premium Woods – add $75

Optional Limb Veneer Premium Woods – add $50 per side ($50 for the back of the limbs, $50 for the belly)

Glass: Clear or Black

Extra Limbs: Basic Woods – $195 Premium Woods – $275

Extra Limbs ordered with a bow receive a $25 discount

Extra string with a bow purchase is only $5

Flemish String: B-500 Dacron $8, Dynaflight’97 – $12.00, 450+ – $14

15 colors to choose from in B-500 and 450+, 21 colors in Dynaflight ’97

NOTE: Pricing for strings only with no purchase of bow.

Include with each custom bow order:

  • bow care/instruction sheet
  • Selway bow stringer
  • bow sock
  • allen wrench (when applicable)
  • strike plate
  • rug rest
  • brass nock set
  • custom flemish string (450+, Dynaflight’97, or B-500 Dacron) many colors/sizes of serving & string.
  • Inscription on your bow, no charge

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