Compound Bows For Sale

Compound bows represent the latest technical achievements in the field of archery and while their older cousins the recurve bows are fairly simple in construction, compound bows are anything but.

They are constructed out of advanced materials such as military grade aluminum and carbon fibers and feature a complex pulley system in order to achieve the maximum possible let off.

Compounds can truly be said to be the pinnacle of engineering.

Most people will want to find the best compound bow for the money, but of course first you have to decide what exactly you expect from it.

Also you’ll need to decide whether you need a right handed or left handed compound bow, take note however that if you are right handed you will hold the bow with your left and draw with your right hand..

BowTech Assassin

BowTech Assassin

This is BowtTech’s bestselling bows that introduces novices and experts alike to a new level of bow hunting. The Assassin is proof that the company has given it all it they got to design this magnificent looking bow with features such as the accredited Binary Cam System and rotating draw modules.

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Next you’ll also need to determine the draw length that suits you best; the quickest way to determine this is simply to measure your outstretched arms and divide the result by 2.5 and that should give you the draw length that’s best for you.

To determine the proper length of arrows you will use simply add 1-2 inches to the previously established draw length.

WhoWeightDraw Weight
Very Small Kid55 - 70 lbs10 - 15 lbs
Small Kid70 - 100 lbs15 -25 lbs
Larger Kid100 - 130 lbs25 -35 lbs
Athletic Older Kid130 - 150 lbs40 -50 lbs
Small Frame Lady100 - 130 lbs25 -35 lbs
Medium Frame Lady130 - 160 lbs30 -40 lbs
Large Frame Lady160+ lbs45 -55 lbs
Small Frame Guy120 - 150 lbs45 -55 lbs
Medium Frame Guy150 - 180 lbs55 -65 lbs
Large Frame Guy180+ lbs65 -75 lbs

Our website will also provide links to the best price vs. performance compound bows for sale online.

There are various compound packages available online, but keep in mind that most of them will also try to sell you things you don’t need, of course if you are a seasoned archer you probably won’t need our advice, but if you are a beginner who desperately needs to buy one you would be wise to follow our links.

Best Compound Bow

Since nowadays the archery industry has become a highly competitive market it has become increasingly difficult to determine which one is the absolute best choice, but this also means that when you are buying a high-end compound, you will probably get a high quality bow no matter from which manufacturer you are buying it.

Best Compound Bow for the money

PSE Bow Madness RTS
The PSE Bow Madness 3G Compound Bow is made right here in the USA and is one of the best-selling bows in the market. The bow is available with your choice of 50, 60, or 70-lb draw weight with a max arrow speed of 330fps. The PSE Bow Madness 3G Compound Bow has ready-to-shoot features and is equipped with reformulated Vibracheck for reduced vibrations, and weighs in at 4lbs.
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Most beginners will of course want their first compund bow to be cheap yet quality made.

If this is the model you seek, then it’s probably best to buy from manufacturers that have a proven track record as usually only such companies can afford to have compound bows for sale cheap while still retaining proper quality.

We will of course provide you with links to cheap compound bows for sale and despite their low cost you can still expect solid performance, whether they will be used for hunting or target shooting.

Best Compound Bow For The Money

Best Compound Bow for sale

Diamond Infinite Edge Bow
The Infinite Edge by Diamond Archery features an incredible draw length of up to 13 to 30 inches and a draw weight range of 5 to 70 lbs. The Infinite Edge is so versatile that it’s perfect for novices, expert archers, and even bow fishers. The Infinite Edge is designed to push performance to the limit.
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Youth Compound Bows for Sale

If you are considering buying a compound for your child there are several factors you should pay attention to. You should never buy a model with too much draw weight and you should also pay attention to draw length as described above, since it would be really sad for your child to lose interest in this beautiful hobby just because of the wrong choice.

You should probably not buy the most expensive model you see (unless you have unlimited budget) since children quickly outgrow their first model, but should instead focus on getting best compound bow for the money.

Since kids compound bows for sale usually vary widely in both price and quality, so you best bet is probably to choose something in mid-to-high range. Again our website will provide you with links to what our experts deem to be the best (we have considered price vs. performance ratio) compound bows for sale online.

Best Compound Bow 2014

2014 has seen a lot of great models produced by all the major companies (and some relatively unknown ones) but in my opinion if you are looking for the best compund bow for the price, I’d recommend Bowtech Assassin. If you ask archery enthusiasts what’s the best manufacturer, the vast majority will tell you that this title of course belongs to Bowtech. It can manage respectable 333 fps IBO speed, also handles pretty smooth and is probably one of the quietest models available. It also offers easily adjustable draw lengths and weights (no additional tools are needed).

You’ll find this model scoring high on most compound bow reviews even though Assassin price is only 699$. This is a rare thing as usually you have to pay at least a grand for similar performance. Bowtech Assassin for sale has been a hit ever since it hit the market and so if you are willing to spend a little more for your first compound bow it is a perfect choice and if you are a beginner you may also appreciate all the accessories that come with it. It is also available in Infinity Camo but I think the original color scheme much more in spirit with its silence and name Bowtech Assassin Black Ops.

There is no other model in this price range that even comes near it.

Compound Bow Accessories

Accessories such as grips, scopes, stabilizers etc. won’t seem too important in the beginning. The accessory you will need most now is a good case to keep your compound bows and arrows out of harm’s way, fortunately with most models you will also get a quality bow case.

Of course there are plenty of useful accessories available and when you will become a more seasoned archer, you will likely begin to see them as crucial. Check out archery supplies for reviews and recommendations. This is especially true for those among you who will pursue the path of hunter as in the wilderness sometimes even the best laid plans go awry and you will need things such as backup string, additional arrows and arrowheads, to name just a few.

I sincerely hope that the above text has shown you that becoming an archer needn’t be too expensive or time consuming and I hope that many of you will choose this rich and rewarding hobby, whether as a better way of hunting or just to do some relaxing target shooting.

The choice of a proper compound model

How to choose it?

Whilst searching for an admirable compound model, you might encounter various set-backs, especially if you are only a beginner in the art of archery. Since every individual has his or her own bodily proportions, such as lenght of arms and legs, height and weight- The compound bow is made in the same fashion, to suit the needs of its user perfectly. There are also many terms an unexperienced practicionist might wish to learn about first, which will be presented in the following article.

Draw Lenght

The perfect lenght to suit any individual archer, can be very simply measured by your arms –like already holding a bow and picking the string -or just having them outstreched by the sides and halving that lenght. This is a most suitable lenght that is wise to measure before getting a bow, to get the best results possible. The optimal results are measures by the view, speed, accuracy, control, and the whole power of the shot.

Draw Weight

Other than that, from a purely physical point of view ‘draw weight’ is the force a  user feels when he/she starts pulling back the string making it tense when aiming. The logical conclusion is that –the more you pull- the more power you can achieve by pulling back the string. The results can verify based on the tensity of the string being pulled back, meaning the angle of the shot and also its power. Therefore when choosing the right model, you shouldn’t feel too much pressure when pulling back, neither too little- the right amount should be chosen by selecting a proper compound bow and testing various models, until the one is find to accomodate the user’s preferences. If the pressure is too high the arm and the aim will start trembling thus, making the shot very inaccurate.

Left Off and Brace Height

It makes perfect sense as the models vary in height the pulling- drawing of the string will need more- or less power. For an example, a short model will need less strenght while drawing and the shot will be a bit less powerful according to that, and the llonger models will need more strenght to fully draw the string but the shot will have a longer range and a more powerful shot. Still, the optimum has to be chosen according to the archer’s physical capabilities.

The Lenght

Through many, many years of hunting and battling using bow and using different materials the patent has been developed to a very fine and sophisticated structure making it much more accurate, lighter, stronger and easier to shoot with over the ages. This leads to a sensible conclusion, that according to each person’s bodily functions and measurements a compund should be chosen with care and consideration of one’s strenght, height and lenght of the limbs. Meaning longer models will be easily fired by people with longer arms, and the shorter ones will do better with people that are smaller and have smaller limbs. Of course, as there are exceptions it is best to test any compound bows before actually buying them permanently.


Tips on Looking for a Good Crossbow

For every hunter and target shooter in the world, Crossbows are increasingly becoming their favorite product. Crossbows bring in this natural feeling while hunting. It makes one feel like the red Indians as they went hunting. Though they are still a modern type of innovation, they still provide a different feeling than shooting with a rifle.

The advantage of using a crossbow is that they are compact and easy to carry while travelling. It is also light to haul around in the hunting field. The crossbow arrows are only sixteen inches long. The only disadvantage is that it can be tough to master the art of using a crossbow in either activity. Crossbow shooting requires a certain level of precision and also patience while doing it. It can be hard for a beginner since all these traits have to be mastered and also done with finesse.

In order to be good at target shooting and hunting, the type of crossbow matters. It is often said that a carpenter is only as good as his tools. Therefore, to be an expert, you have to use the best crossbows for money. There are some specifications that someone intending to buy a good crossbow has to look at. One of them is the velocity and the draw weight. The best crossbows usually have a draw weight of 150 to 175 lbs. as well as a velocity of 235-315 feet per second. This type of crossbow is very beneficial in many ways. It allows any beginner to train with it as the speed and draw weight are really low and at the same time strong enough to take out a deer. Such a crossbow is very powerful and accurate for about 20 to 40 yards while deer hunting. If you want to use it during target practice, it is accurate for up to 100 yards.

The next thing to look out for is the accessories. Always pay attention to the accessories that the best crossbows for money come with. If it does not have accessories, do not buy it since you will spend much money buying them. Always ensure that as you buy the crossbow, it is fully packed with the rope cocking device, extra string and enough wax for the string. It should also contain a shoulder sling and at least four arrows. This is important when out in the field. Do not spend time looking for padded slings as there are very few.
Another you should look out for is the warranty. This is very important for the beginners. The best crossbows have one year warranty. If there is one with more warranty years, you should look out for them.

The final thing you should look out for is the price. Always buy the best crossbows for the money that is within your budget. With around $200, you will be able to find a good crossbow with many accessories.